Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A New Blog

Whew, I’m pulling out the old blog again… yeah I know all the old posts are gone, but a clean slate never hurt anyone. LOL I am trying to free up some of my time to allow for more writing and such, and I’m happy to report that I’ve about got my next book DIVINITY IN CHAINS ready to send to the publisher. So hopefully that will be releasing soon.

Also on my WIP (work in progress) table is DARK SKIES a science fiction romance and the much anticipated long overdue second Seralin Novel DEVIL’S MUSE. For more news about my books and such, please don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter and yahoo group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/penningafterdark/

I’ve been very heavily involved in a new online project at http://www.theromancegalleria.com/. It’s been a lot of fun, but a lot of work and tomorrow we shall see if it all pays off during our huge Valentine’s Bash and CAPA Awards Ceremony. I’ll be in and out all day so please feel free to stop by and say hello (and you can check out my author suite in the galleria).


P.S. Please don't mind the plain old ugly blog. I'm working on the new layout!